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Publication Announcement - INFAUST

Rehan Nadir is a witch with a dead familiar, an outlier in his profession and an ill-omen to every village he passes through. Consigned to a life of vagrant witching, he travels the land in search of dangerous, undesirable jobs to get by, but when he hears tell of the town of Hamelin’s plight, he sees an opportunity in their loss, not the curse the notice boards speak of. Stories of a malicious entity, a chaos god, have tormented the village for hundreds of years, and like clockwork tragedy has struck once more: while the adults gathered elsewhere, the children were spirited away. No trace of them has been seen since, and as Rehan soon learns, the town is desperate to bring them back. Very desperate.
Finding and returning the lost children would be just the thing to give Rehan a new chance at the life he lost after the death of his familiar, and if all it takes is killing a god of chaos, then he’s more than ready to take the plunge and open that door. Unfortunately, he just didn’t anticipate opening a few more in the midst of dealing the finishing blow.

The time has come at last to announce the publication dates for my new dark romance, dark fantasy horror novel INFAUST!

Some of you may recall it from previous blog posts or from when it was serialized on Patreon. INFAUST is a project I've spent several years on, rewriting it constantly, changing things, fixing even more, and I really can't stress how excited I am to finally have it in the final stages of publication.

This book will once again have a cover courtesy of the incomparable Ambi Sun, artist behind The Tempest Series and OSSUARY. Stay tuned for the big cover reveal--it's going to be a doozy.

Ebook pre-orders are open now with paperback coming soon. I'll have signed copy information available before the end of January as well, so keep an eye on social media (or subscribe to my newsletter if you haven't yet!) to be alerted when those links drop.

Thank you all for supporting me as I beat this manuscript into shape. I think you're all going to really enjoy the final product, and I'm so excited to share Rehan's story with the world!

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Hype is real! Congrats on reaching the finishing line for this project! ♥

Replying to

THANK YOU!! legit its been YEARS at this point and im so, so, SO excited to have a tangible finish line within sight. i hope everyone enjoys it!!!

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