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Publication Announcement - INFAUST Signed Copies + Merch Bundle Orders are OPEN!

Hello, all! I’ve got a lot of exciting things to announce in this one, so buckle up!

To begin, I’m happy to announce that paperback pre-orders for INFAUST are now live—and this is for Amazon AND signed copies! 

Unlike past releases, I’m going to be hosting signed copy orders over on my It’s just a tidier space for them when compared to my old Google form. If you’d like to order a signed INFAUST copy in addition to a prior release, please continue to use the Google form hosted on my website. It should be updated to include INFAUST as an option now and will continue to function as it always has (invoice -> payment received -> tracking info sent as soon as I’ve shipped the book). 

While is a neater storefront, it does come with a little less flexibility in terms of additional info. If you’d like a special personalization message or need something specific in terms of how an order reaches you, place your order on and email me with the pertinent information. Any questions, concerns, or special requests can be directed to!

Have you got friends who might be interested in INFAUST but are still on the fence? One of the cool things about (beyond it simply being a cool, customizable space for indie projects) is that it allows for file hosting. The first chapter of INFAUST is currently available as a free download option to any and all intrigued by the concept and clamoring for a taste of what’s to come! Give it a look, spread it around, and help drum up some excitement if you know someone who may be interested. Word of mouth is incredibly important!

On top of all of that, I’ve got a special merch bundle launching alongside INFAUST! This is going to be a really unique option for those of you who want a themed box of goodies with your signed copy. 

The INFAUST bundle box is a limited pre-order offering. I’m only allowing eight people to snag one of these and many of the items will not be restocked after they sell out. The price includes the book with signature, two exclusive bookmarks, two character manjuu plush charms (Rehan and Piper), two mini postcard prints, an acrylic charm, a sticker sheet, surprise assorted treats + themed goodies, and USA shipping.

More items may be added than what you see above, but the price is locked in. If you’re interested, please pick one up ASAP! The most I may add to the order is an additional two boxes, so once they’re gone, they’re likely gone for good.

If you're the type who just wants a paperback without the bells and whistles, alas, you'll have to wait until the book's release date as Amazon doesn't allow paperback pre-orders. The ebook pre-order is set up and available now though. Place your order at your leisure to be one of the first to receive this horrific story once it goes live!

That's about it for now. Keep an eye out for the big cover reveal March 1st and continue to help spread the word if you’re able. I’ll have a lot more promotional material dropping in the coming weeks, and trust me—you won’t want to miss it!

Until next time,

T.D. Cloud

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Given the shipping price I'll have to pass on preordering but I'll definitely grab a copy later =)

Replying to

sigh i know right, the cost to ship internationally is nearly $30 in itself. if i manage to get some bookplates made i'd 100% sign one for you and mail that for like $5. just keep an eye out on if that happens, and thank you for the support!!

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