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This page is dedicated to standalone books that exist as fully-fledged, self-contained stories. A great option for those wanting to test the waters. Standalones come in the form of either novels or novellas and are indicated as such above each work's titles. Check back soon; this list is sure to grow quickly!




There isn’t much Detective Louis “Lou” P. Garou needs to get himself through a long day of investigating violent supernatural homicides: a good lunch, a cut-and-dried case, and a few breaks to chase a new high score on his mobile games. That’s all he could ever ask for. But when his latest case brings with it a curve ball of the Unseelie variety, he finds himself saddled with an independent magical consultant infamous for being difficult.


He’s known for a while that fae magic—specifically Unseelie magic—may just be the bane of his entire existence. But the magic’s owner?


Well, somehow, he manages to be worse.

Cloud's first stint into novella territory, [Convergence] is an urban fantasy romance between a surly werewolf detective and a mischievous Unseelie magic consultant.

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Standalone Novel


Gabriel Spencer is a Detroit beat cop determined to make detective by any means possible, and putting an end to a mysterious string of murders looks like the quickest way to accomplish that goal. Prostitutes and escorts, drained of blood, bodies abandoned in ditches, playgrounds, and Dumpsters… It all reeks of a similar spate of killings from decades past, and no one but Gabriel seems to see the connection. Modern crimes, however, can sometimes have ancient origins, and unfortunately for Gabriel, he fails to account for the real culprit— or the thought that perhaps he isn't the only one on the hunt for a killer.

A vampiric crime thriller tinged with romance, horror, and intense world-building, Letifer serves as a standalone novel in The Dark Vagaries series.


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Ossuary - Voted QIA's Best Novella of 2023

Work as a Curse Breaker is anything but glamorous. It’s difficult, gruesome at times, and it takes Curse Breaker Thierry Pryor to places better left untouched. The Paris Catacombs were once a symbol of French identity, the true sign of death making all equal in the end, but after centuries of layered spell work, ancient hexes, and more than one hastily patched protective charm, the resulting magical amalgam has begun to break down, tainting the surrounding land. It’s up to Thierry and his team to figure out the source of the miasma and quell it before it begins having an effect on those living above the city of the dead.

But unlike the jobs before, there’s something at work in the catacombs much more sinister than some moldering family curse. Sometimes the dead sleep more soundly than the living, but then again, maybe some of the dead don’t sleep willingly at all...

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