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About the Author

T. D. Cloud infuses her love of all things historic into her work, blending folklore, fantasy, and history to create rich stories and engaging narratives. Indiana born and raised, she spends her time writing part-time and working with books, artifacts, and pieces of the past. Cloud loves autumn weather, classic novels, art history, and building new worlds for future books, and one day she hopes to be able to dedicate all of her time to her writing.

Winner of the Queer Indie Award's "Best Novella of 2023" award for OSSUARY

Cloud has been writing LGBTQA+ romance and erotica novels set in fantasy worlds since 2016, beginning her professional writing career with Brontide, the first in The Tempest Series books. From fae to Drow to vampires to witches, all of her works include diverse gender identities, sexualities, and immersive world building that enchants and enthralls with a mystique all its own.


Cloud is hard at work with an eight-part vampire series and a few standalone novels on witches, dhampirs, and chaos magic. Check back in for more information on upcoming series as it becomes available—there is much on the way!

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