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Meet the artists responsible for the beautiful art of T.D. Cloud's series

Y. Dan is the artist behind The Duskriven Chronicles and the upcoming webcomic Raw Rancor, a cyberpunk 18+ story of assassins, duty, and betrayal. Based out of California, Dan enjoys creating artwork, eating tacos, and world-building universes beyond the likes of which we've ever seen.

Keep an eye on Y. Dan's Etsy store for exclusive Tempest and Duskriven merchandise as it becomes availabile. Just a warning: they go fast!

Find more of his work here

Etsy Store (Duskriven and Tempest Merch Here!)


Ambi Sun

Sun, the artist behind The Tempest Series, is a passionate artist who dabbles in many fields of art. She graduated from RMIT University in Melbourne with a Diploma of Graphic Design in 2011 and SCAD in Fall 2014 with a B.F.A in Illustration. She worked as a Jr Designer in Tailfin Marketing and is one of the co-directors and founding members of Obscura Works. 


Sun is highly interested in concept art and background painting. She loves to collaborate with other artists to create amazing projects. Her goal is to one day create moving or still images that will inspire, awe and motivate people just like how she was inspired by amazing artists when she was a child.

Find more of her work here

Oriens Tarot Deck Shop

Society 6 (Tempest Merch Here!)

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