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Work as a Curse Breaker is anything but glamorous. It’s difficult, gruesome at times, and it takes Curse Breaker Thierry Pryor to places better left untouched. The Paris Catacombs were once a symbol of French identity, the true sign of death making all equal in the end, but after centuries of layered spell work, ancient hexes, and more than one hastily patched protective charm, the resulting magical amalgam has begun to break down, tainting the surrounding land. It’s up to Thierry and his team to figure out the source of the miasma and quell it before it begins having an effect on those living above the city of the dead.

But unlike the jobs before, there’s something at work in the catacombs much more sinister than some moldering family curse. Sometimes the dead sleep more soundly than the living, but then again, maybe some of the dead don’t sleep willingly at all...

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The Tempest Series

A fae romance series recounting the tumultuous love story of Corbet, a French traveler, and Ruari, King of the Seelie Court. Full of political intrigue, folklore, and descriptive imagery, the Tempest Series proves the rule that the course of true love never did run smooth.

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The Duskriven Chronicles

A BDSM, polyamorous erotica series set in a DnD-type setting. The Duskriven Chronicles follows the story of Khouri Lucifin, a half-Drow thief and his two lovers, the intense Drow Lord Navidae Marrowick and Sorin Tolgrath, a human bounty hunter.

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Novellas and novels with self-contained plots, T.D. Cloud's standalone titles offer non-serialized experiences for those looking to dip their toes into her work or who just want a good weekend read without the commitment of a 4+ book series. Check back often for new title updates; this tab changes frequently!

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