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The Tempest Series

A fae romance series recounting the tumultuous love story of Corbet, a French traveler, and Ruari, King of the Seelie Court. The Tempest Series spans three books with two spin-offs. Hiraeth, the final title, is coming soon.




Lost in a dark woods and far from his familiar stomping grounds, Corbet put little stock in myths and legends of the Aos Sí. But when he is happened upon by a man claiming to be a faerie king, he finds that superstition holds more sway than logic among the Sidhe.

The first of The Tempest Series, Brontide tells the tale of French traveler Corbet, a man far from anywhere he might call home when he stumbles upon the realm of the fae. An exciting action-packed romance, Brontide introduces a world far beyond our ken, with subterfuge, folklore, and political machinations that make it clear that when it comes to love, to belonging, there is always something worth fighting for. 

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A Solstice broken. A lover more lost than ever. King Ruari of the Seelie Court is faced with the seemingly insurmountable challenge of balancing his duty with his happiness, and the stakes have never been higher. With Corbet now holding the Unseelie throne and acting as cold as ice, the struggle to keep the barrier standing becomes all the more challenging when Ruari notices a change in his once-lover setting in, threatening to take Corbet to a place where not even Ruari could follow. This time, the enemy may be of Ruari's own making.

The second book in The Tempest Series. Told from the perspective of the lovesick King Ruari, Deluge is a woeful tale of fighting to reclaim what was once lost.

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Heavy is the head that wears the crown. Be it one earned or an ill-gotten gain stolen from the head of the ones who came before, the harsh reality of their past choices refuse to sleep quietly. Trapped in a Court as cold as ice with subjects to match, Corbet struggles to find a tenuous balance between duty and Ruari, the one he’d give it all to protect. Meanwhile, Ruari, shackled in place by the weight of his allegiance to the Seelie, fights a losing battle against duty and standing beside the one he loves. With a new threat lying in wait amongst the cracks and crumbling rubble of the Equinox’s near disaster, Corbet and Ruari realize that making choices is easy. It’s living with them that tears one apart.

The third installment of The Tempest Series, Petrichor rounds out the main series with one last foray into the maelstrom that is fae politics.

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With the days counting down to Corbet and Ruari’s impending wedding, the stress of planning for the future has Corbet spiraling. His life has been a maelstrom of change since he found himself in the world of the fae, and though he knows he’s happy, it’s still a lot to take in. He slips away to find some solace but instead finds something far more eye-opening— the diary of the late Seelie Queen Aisling nestled in a room hidden by the Court itself.

Within the pages resides the history of the Court as seen through the eyes of the one who lost it all. The war with the Milesians is in full force, incited by a mysterious beast that drew first blood the moment the mortals stepped foot in fae territory. Aisling desires peace, but when worse comes to worst and the tides of battle begin to change, she has only one person to turn to— Avenir, Monarch of the Unseelie.

Every decision has a consequence. Every good intention has a price that must be paid, be it in blood or lives or innocence lost.

Aisling and Avenir may be gone, but the choices they made live on regardless.

The penultimate installment in The Tempest Series, Apricity tells the tale of one of the series's most illustrious antagonists and her fall from grace. Featuring an asexual romance, Apricity is a must-read tale of good intentions paving the road to hell.


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