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Virtual Convention Sale

Since the world is in a weird place right now and convention appearances are impossible, I've gone ahead and made a page dedicated solely to any virtual convention traffic I might get as more and more events turn to the internet to stay active. Here you'll find information on my assorted works and an order form for any signed copies, stickers, and postcard prints you may wish to order at my typical convention rates.

Rates are as follows:

$20 per book
($35 for two, $50 for three, $70 for four and so on)

Stickers - $3 | Postcard Prints - $5

(Images can be found on the order form below)

Large orders of 4+ books will see additional discounts. All orders come with free bookmarks and personalized dedication + author signature. Check out my Artist tab for links to additional merchandise hosted on my various artists' sales pages (charms, shirts, thermoses, phone cases, etc)*

Use the code INDYCON during July 10-12th for these rates to apply, and thank you for the support during these trying times.

*promo code only valid on sales, see Yougei and Sun's stores for their prices

The works of T.D. Cloud


The Tempest Series

Lost in a dark woods and far from his familiar stomping grounds, Corbet put little stock in myths and legends of the Aos Sí. But when he is happened upon by a man claiming to be a faerie king, he finds that superstition holds more sway than logic among the Sidhe.

The Tempest Series is a romance set in Ireland and recounts the tumultuous relationship between Corbet, a French traveler, and Ruari, King of the Seelie Court. If you're interested in history, political machinations, and plot, this is the series for you.


The Duskriven Chronicles + [Convergence]

A bdsm-themed polyamorous erotica series set in a DnD-style world. The Duskriven Chronicles showcases the relationships between Khouri, a half-Drow thief, Navidae, a full-Drow noble, and Sorin, a human bounty hunter in a three-part series. Raunchy and sensual, it is a must-read for erotica lovers looking for something with a bit of bite.


If you're looking for something short, comedic, and smutty, check out [Convergence]! It's an urban fantasy romance novella that shows off the relationship between surly werewolf detective Lou P. Garou and the mischievous Unseelie magic consultant O'Rinn as they learn to work together and discover that sometimes actions can be lost in translation too.

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