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Happy Halloween--and Happy Youmacon!

Just a short update for Youmacon this upcoming weekend! If you’re attending, so am I! I won’t be tabling this year—I got through the jury like I always do but the lottery really hasn’t been rolling in my favor—but that doesn’t mean you still can’t see me and chat. I’ll be hosting an unofficial meet-and-greet hangout like always in the Wintergarden Saturday evening, likely around 7pm that will last until we get bored and decide to be on our way.

If you haven’t attended one of these, please keep in mind that I do drink at this convention and typically drink during this little event. My friends and I are very friendly and very welcoming, so if you spot us sitting and laughing and talking, come join us! We will welcome you with open arms.

Please follow me on my social media accounts to get more info on how to find me/what I’m wearing/any changes to that plan that may come up. The best places to get up-to-date info on my whereabouts and plans are my twitter @tdcloud_writes, my instagram @terminallydepraved, and my tumblr @tdcloud. I may or may not be updating via facebook @tdcloud94 as well, but given I don’t have that app on my phone, it may not be the best way to get info for this weekend.

If you’ve got books you’d like signed please feel free to bring them with you. Even if you can’t make my meet up, just @ me on my social media accounts and we can find a time and place that works! And hey, if you bump into me at any point in the weekend, I may just have a little freebie or two for you as well -wink wink-

So, that’s it for this little mini update! I can’t wait to get back to Detroit and live it up for another great year at Youmacon. I’ll be cosplaying Legion from DBD this weekend off and on, so keep an eye out for that.

Until next time,

T.D. Cloud

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